Ambow Education Holding Ltd. is a leading cross-border career educational and technology service provider, offering high-quality, individualized services and products. With its extensive network of regional service hubs complemented by a dynamic proprietary learning platform and distributors, Ambow provides its services and products to students in China and United States of America.

Ambow’s business addresses thress critical demands in education market: the desire for students to be admitted into top secondary and post-secondary schools, the desire for graduates of those schools to obtain more attractive jobs and the need of schools and corporate clients in optimizaing their taching and operating environment.

We offer a wide range of educational and career enhancement services and products through integrated online and offline delivery model powered by our proprietary technologies and infrastructure. Our proprietary technologies also enables us to provide individualized content and learning solutions tailored to each of our students’ needs, and to develop standards-based and individualized curricula with consistent high quality across our schools, tutoring centers, career enhancement centers, training offices and career enhancement college.

Our services and products 

We offer a variety of educational and career enhancement services and products to students, undergraduates, recent graduates, corporate employees and management in China. Our educational services cover K-12 Schools and College Preparation & Career Enhancement Programs (“CP&CE Programs”). Our K-12 schools provide full curriculum educational services to pre-school children, primary and secondary students in China. Our K-12 schools also support our tutoring programs by providing strong local brand names and reputations, local educational content expertise and potential student customers. In addition, we offer international education programs, which are designed to prepare students to study abroad while specifically addressing the study needs in terms of both language and academics.

Our CP&CE Programs offer test preparation and tutoring programs to pre-school children, primary and secondary students, which are offered in our tutoring centers to help students to get enrolled in better schools. Our career enhancement services designed to assist students and graduates in obtaining better jobs are offered through our dedicated career enhancement centers and training offices on campus, as well as through our online programs. Our corporate training business provide short term outward bound and in-house training services that are designed to improve employees and management’s soft skills are typically offered in our training offices, the corporate clients’ offices or hotel conference centers. In order to support our educational and career enhancement services and products, we provide a cloud-based learning engine to accommodate our students’ individual learning habits and enrich their learning experience. We also offer career-oriented post-secondary educational services to undergraduate through Bay State College and NewSchool of Architecture & Design in U.S.